Underwater Photographer Ryo Minemizu’s Photo Exhibition “The Secret World of Plankton” held in New York


A solo exhibition by Ryo Minemizu, who was awarded the Grand Prix at the 5th Nikkei National Geographic Photography Awards, will be held at the Foto care gallery in New York, USA from 21 to 25 June 2017.

At the opening of the event, Mr. Minezumi got a comment.

Ryo Minemizu’s New York exhibition
“The Secret World of Plankton”

The photograph is a world of floating organisms captured in black background on the photographs taken with Black Water Dive® in all 24 points.

The exhibition is divided into four themes.

“Cradle of Deep sea”
“Art for defense”
“Adaptation for floating”
“Minimal Jewels” (Square pieces)

In this exhibition, in order to block all elements other than the artistic existence and the point that I wanted to pay particular attention to the unusual appearance of floating organisms, I dared to dress up the work in mat black style It unified.

In addition, in order to feel transparency as contrasted with exhibited works, we also exhibit slideshows and movies on a large LCD display.

Until now, it is a world of floating organisms that has not attracted much attention, but you can see art everywhere to live a small life.
I hope that you will feel as much as they are about the same planet as the whales and dolphins.

We will hold a workshop on cocktail reception (participation free / free) and shooting, so feel free to join us.

Detailed schedule

◆6/21 (Wed) 18:00 ~ 21:00 Gallery opening: Cocktail receptions with artists

◆6/22 (Thursday)
 17:30 ~ 19:00 Workshop: Retail stage (lecture / process of capturing images)
 19:00 ~ 20:30 watching gallery

◆6/23 (Friday)
 8:00 ~ 20:00 public release

◆6/24 (Saturday)
 9:00 ~ 16:00 public release


◆Foto Care Gallery

41-43 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10012
Contact Us: 212-741-2990


Ryo Minemizu

Born 1970 in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture.
Oizasekan located in Nishi Izu Osazaki After experiencing diving guide / instructor at Marine Service, in 1997 established a Mine water photo office to shoot the field of the sea both in and outside the country.
Since then, he is working on photographing marine organisms, mainly floating organisms.

In addition to providing photographs and images to numerous children’s books and TV programs, in addition to his books [Nature Guide – Ocean Crustaceans], 【Japanese Saltwater Fish 466 (Pocket Citation Book) / Co-authored】, 【Coral Reef Shrimp Handbook] Bunichi Shoten Publishing, [Underwater Photography Technique with Digital Camera] Seikondo Shinkansha, Books in charge of writing 【The most beautiful squid and octopus illustration in the world】 Exa knowledge, also 【The best in the world There is a beautiful squid and octopus illustration love storage pocket edition】 etc.

In 2015, as a culmination of the first bulletin of floating organism photographing 18 years, [Japan jellyfish big picture book] was published from Heibonsha.
Utilizing the experience of ocean experience so far, we are also planning proposals for natural programs.
Currently, the event Black Water Dive® which can observe various floating organisms in the field is being held in Japan and abroad.

Won the 5 th Nikkei National Geographic Photography Award Grand Prize in 2016.
Ryo Minemizu HP